Photo by  Rahel Thiele

Photo by Rahel Thiele



Hi! I'm Kristen Haas Curtis : an American cartoonist living in Switzerland where I am raising a kid, a cat, and a few fish while attending university - all subjects that appear frequently in my comics. While most of my work is autobiographical (sometimes fictitiously autobio), I've recently started to play around with new characters and ideas.

Currently I am working on finishing up Princess Wolf and Her Life of Darkness for print and continuing to make diary comics a few times a week. I'm in the early stages of a comic vaguely related to Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, which I expect to keep me occupied for the next year or so. My previous work includes two travel diaries, a story about the nasty voice that used to live in my head (Bruce!), and a short, silent story about the dangers of crushes completed for the Fumetto Comics Festival in 2017.      

You can find also find me on TumblrInstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Come say hello!


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